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Customer eXperience solutions do not apply only to the Customer Service department, but will allow also you to grow while strengthening other different roles within your company.

Increase Customer satisfaction, reduce churn, influence roadmaps. Easily close the loop tem. Customize or automate replies, and route to the right team to address them

Identify customer problems and solve issues. Empower your team to deliver memorable customer service experiences consistently.

Understand what customers love and hate and craft marketing campaigns that resonate and convert.

Accelerate your product development cycle with all your experience data on one platform. Simply put, build products that you know your clients love.

Happy employees produce happy customers. Listen to them and convert your team in the best advocate platform.

Customeer is the comprehensive customer-centric solution.

Customer experience it has become one of the main tools to achieve differentiation from the competition.

Customeer for Digital Departments

For companies that want to optimize their web and mobile experiences, Customeer offers the ability to enhance the web user experience with our all-in-one personalization solution.
You will be able to control all your personalization strategy from a single control panel, analyze the results and adapt the strategies to your needs in real time.

Customeer for Marketing and Sales Departments

At Customeer we are experts in technology based on omnichannel, artificial intelligence and Big Data that will provide marketers with the ability to offer a good customer experience, and thereby improve sales, reduce the abandonment rate and acquisition costs, and increase ROI.

Customeer for Growth Hackers

Growth Hacking is a methodology that brings together a set of marketing techniques aimed at substantially increasing the customer base in a fast and direct way using innovative, scalable, repeatable and measurable methods.

Customeer for B2B

Although it may seem obvious, the main difference between B2B and B2C is in the customers. In the case of B2B businesses, the client has a recurrence and an average expense much higher than that of the B2C client. If for all companies it is crucial to have knowledge of your client, in the case of B2B businesses it means the difference between life and death of the company.

Customeer for Human Resources

When a company decides to implement a new customer-focused strategy, it faces substantial changes in ways of working, behaviors, and mindsets.
As head of Human Resources, part of your job will be to integrate and educate employees in the new vision of the company and provide them with training in the tools and processes involved. And that can be achieved performing eNPS (employee NPS) surveys in your company).

Customeer for Product Managers

It is increasingly important to understand how users feel about a company's products and services, and in recent years, use of NPS has become widespread among product managers and their teams.
We insist, it is not so much about the number itself as about investigating the reasons behind the score and understanding what aspects of your product most influence the evaluation of your customers.

If you identify with any of these use cases, or if you have questions about how our Customer eXperience platform can help you, get in touch with us, we can help you.


Many companies from various INDUSTRIES already trust Customeer to convert the opinions of their employees and their customers into essential information for the business.

Perhaps the sector where the most obvious and direct is the impact of the customer experience on the growth of the company.

In recent years, the insurance sector has been immersed in a profound process of digital transformation, largely motivated by the emergence of Insurtech.

To adapt to the new pace of change, energy and utilities companies are embracing cutting-edge digital technologies to transform the way they operate, serve customers, and interact with partners throughout the value chain.

Another sector where it is most important to try to achieve excellence in the user experience offered to customers.

En general los servicios y tratamientos ofrecidos son similares, por lo que el grado de satisfacción del cliente es fundamental a la hora de hacer que los clientes y pacientes regresen y recomienden a familiares y amigos.

As in any type of relationship, business success in the B2B environment depends on the strength of the relationship generated with our clients. Regardless of whether we are in a B2C or B2B environment, there are always people at the end of our sales journey.

In Telcoms, products and services are very difficult to differentiate and innovations are quickly copied. However, excellence in customer experience is a space where the operator can innovate in a way that is not so easy to copy.

Nowadays, the approach of the educational and training system to marketing is essential to improve the detection of the needs of customers / students, teachers, and the subsequent definition of educational projects, taking care of the image and reputation to proceed with the recruitment of students in a professionalized way

In this context, customer experience is the new battlefield.It is key to attracting and retaining the customer. Retailers need to put it at the center of their global strategy if they want to remain competitive in the future.